Press Releases

SET in the Forum of the FIT 2017

11/2017 – SET participates in the Forum of the FIT on 2017 in Paris.

French National Bank for Investment, has labeled SET “BPI Excellence”

03/2017 – SET is again labeled BPI Excellence.


09/2016 - SET is proud to announce it received a “Micron d’Or” (Golden Micron) at Micronora Fair end of September 2016, in Besançon, France

SET is proud to announce a new and important partnership!

01/2016 - SET is proud to announce a new and important partnership, joining French consortium IRT Nanoelec based in Grenoble and headed by CEA-Leti.
For more details, please refer to the Press release.


06/2013 – SET joined Minalogic.

Chip­-to­-Wafer Direct ­Metallic Bonding technology developed at Leti used in customized 300 mm Device Bonder

02/2011 - CEA ­Leti Partnering with SET, STMicroelectronics, ALES and CNRS­-CEMES on Advanced Chip-­to-­Wafer Technologies for 3D Integration.

SET Introduces FC300R High Accuracy Device Bonder with Robotics

07/2011 - FC300R: an Easy-to-Use Production Platform Ideal for High Accuracy C2W Bonding, Die Attach, Flip-Chip and 3D Integration with TSV.

SET introduces Innovative Patented Chamber for Removal of Oxide

10/2010 - SET's Latest Developments in Oxide Removal

SET receives strategic wafer level packaging equipment order from SEMATECH at UAlbany NanoCollege

09/2010 - SEMATECH Will Perform Innovative 3D Applications at CNSE’s Albany NanoTech with SET’s High Accuracy FC300 System.

SET to collaborate with IMEC on 3D integration research

01/2009 - A Joint Development Program Will Employ S.E.T.'s High Accuracy FC300 System to Explore Advanced 3D Applications.