The FC300 Flip-Chip Bonder is the newest generation of high accuracy and high force system for Chip-to-Chip (up to 100 mm) and Chip-to-Wafer (up to 300 mm) applications with ± 0.3 µm post-bonding accuracy.

The FC300 covers a large range of bonding forces, from 1 to 4000 N. That makes it perfectly suitable for reflow and thermocompression processes.

The leveling between both components is adjusted before each bonding within 1 μradian. The parallelism adjustment, the high resolution alignment and the perfect control of all bonding parameters allow to achieve submicronic post-bond accuracy.


Key benefits

  • ± 0.3 µm post-bonding accuracy
  • Low/High bonding forces
  • Perfect parallelism control
  • Confining gas including formic acid
  • Unique vision system
  • From R&D to pilot line

Process capabilities

  • Flip-Chip / Die bonding
  • Thermocompression
  • Reflow
  • Adhesive bonding
  • UV-curing bonding
  • Thermosonic


Infrared and X-Ray image sensors
• MicroLEDs displays
• Quantum computing
3D integration, memory stacking
Optoelectronics, silicon photonics
• Chip-to-Chip
• Chip-to-Wafer

Technical data

Click here to request the FC300 datasheet.