FPA & IR, UV, X-Ray Sensors

Image sensing applications in several spectrum region as infrared, UV, or X-Rays, comprise one of the fastest growing segments of the semi-conductor industry, largely due to the incredible advances made possible by flip chip technology.

While compression bonding has quickly become the standard technique for IR/FPA applications (successfully achieved on SET bonders), SET is proud to be pioneering the use of advanced reflow techniques that offer many major advantages.

The SET’s reflow technique offers carefully controlled thermal cycling and joint shaping capability to reduce stress on the joint and assure reliable connections with a high accuracy rate.

For those who desire high force compression bonding, for example at room temperature, the stable granite base and extreme compression bonding capabilities of SET bonders have no equal in the industry. Meanwhile, SET advances in high-resolution imaging and laser leveling capabilities make high accuracy bonds even more achievable, controlling and guarantying precise parallelism.

Technical papers

Process and Equipment Enhancements for C2W bonding in a 3D Integration Scheme

Conference proceeding Download

Keith Cooper from SET North America at IWLPC 2011

Chip-to-Wafer Technologies for High Density 3D Integration

Conference proceeding Download

Penned by CEA Leti, Minatec campus, CNRS Cemes, ALES, SET, ST Microelectronics and presented at MinaPad 2011

3D-IC Integration using D2C or D2W Alignment Schemes together with Local Oxide Reduction

Conference proceeding Download

Gilbert Lecarpentier from SET at Imaps Device Packaging 2011

Flip-chip die bonding: an enabling technology for 3D integration

Conference proceeding

Keith Cooper from SET North America at IWLPC 2010

Die-to-wafer bonding of thin dies using a 2-step approach: high accuracy placement, then gang bonding

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Gilbert Lecarpentier from SET at Imaps Device Packaging 2010