Cambridge University selects S.E.T. KADETT for LCoS applications

Saint Jeoire, France, April 29th, 2008

– S.E.T Smart Equipment Technology, a world leading supplier of High Accuracy Die-to-Die, Die-to-Wafer bonding and Nanoimprint Lithography solutions, announced today the successful installation of a KADETT High Accuracy Placement and Bonding system at Cambridge University (UK), department of Engineering. The KADETT has been purchased thanks to a grant of Cambridge Integrated knowledge Centre for various R&D applications and especially for the assembly of LCoS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) devices using UV-cured adhesive.
Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) is a reflective micro display using a Silicon Backplane. It is an alternative technology to LCD or Plasma applied for projection television. LCoS technology enables much higher resolution images at a lower cost. The placement of the circuitry behind the pixel allows a high fill factor and consequently high light efficiency. The images are less pixilated because the circuitry is behind the pixel.

“The glass and the silicon IC are aligned and pressed together using the KADETT, then the adhesive is cured with UV light. Subsequently, the device is filled with Liquid Crystal. The S.E.T. KADETT is a flexible and robust tool ideal for our R&D applications”, says Dr. Neil Collings at the Electrical Engineering of the University of Cambridge.
The SET KADETT Semi-Automatic Bonder is a flexible and open platform for accurate assembly and bonding of devices on a large variety of substrates. The machine performs accurate Pick & Place functions as well as Flip Chip bonding. A wide range of bonding processes including In-Situ Reflow, Thermo Compression, and Adhesive joining are available with temperature up to 450°C and force up to 75N.

The flexible architecture of the S.E.T. KADETT enables the integration of many processing modules such as a UV glue curing system, Ultrasonic bonding head and many others. “Its easy and quick changeover between the various process configurations is of primary interest for research environment where adaptability and multi-user compatibility is essential“, said Gilbert Lecarpentier, International Product Manager at S.E.T.

The UV Glue Curing System is available as an option and brings light to the process area through a fiber. Producing a 20 mm diameter spot with 80 W/cm², it provides complete control for step curing of assembly adhesive. Parameters such as intensity, dose, and exposure time are controlled by the software.

About S.E.T.
S.E.T., Smart Equipment Technology is a world leading supplier of High Accuracy Die-to-Die, Die-to-Wafer Bonding and Nanoimprint Lithography solutions. With more than 250 Device Bonders installed worldwide, S.E.T. is globally renowned for the unsurpassed placement accuracy and the high flexibility of its Flip Chip bonders. From the KADETT semi-automated R&D Device Bonder, through the automated FC150 and FC300 to the production FC250, S.E.T. offers a continuous process path from research to production. S.E.T. bonders cover most bonding technologies and offer the unique ability to handle and bond both fragile and small components onto substrates up to 300 mm.

About the University of Cambridge
The University of Cambridge is in the middle of the greatest expansion in its history. Through the generosity of benefactors, the University has been able to create a new science and technology campus to the west of the city centre, and is now looking to expand further to the north west of Cambridge. The SET Kadett is located in the heart of the new campus to the west of the city centre”.

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