Partnership launch between SET and TAIPRO ENGINEERING

As the world’s leading supplier of high precision flip-chip bonders, SET begins a collaboration with TAIPRO ENGINEERING, based in Liège, Belgium. TAIPRO produces and markets micro-electronic systems worldwide. The world’s smallest pressure sensor is developed by TAIPRO. The objective of this partnership: to offer flip-chip bonding tests and services to Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) customers and to develop new markets.

Use of an ACCμRA M
Flip-chip bonding is a component assembly technology used in high-precision, high-density electronic connections.
The first demonstration machine, installed by SET in the TAIPRO ENGINEERING clean room is an ACCμRA M. This easy to use Flip-Chip bonder is popular with research centres and universities. It allows manual alignment and assembly of components with an accuracy of 3 μm.

TAIPRO at the wheel
Based in Liège, Belgium TAIPRO ENGINEERING assembles its customer’s components, either as tests or mini-production. As a micro-manufacturing specialist, TAIPRO will also receive SET customers who need other micro-manufacturing services that TAIPRO offers (stud bumping, shear test, etc.).

A bigger footprint in the European market
Located in the heart of Europe, this new demonstration centre is designed for customers in the Benelux region. “It responds to a growing demand for ultra-precise component assembly equipment for research in Europe.”, said Pascal Metzger, SET CEO.

“It also responds to a need, on the one hand for an increasing miniaturization of components and on the other to mix different micro-assembly techniques so as to obtain innovative and robust solutions for very demanding environments. This is a unique opportunity to open up to these new markets.”, said Michel Saint-Mard, Managing Director of TAIPRO ENGINEERING.

SET, an international employee owned company
With several hundred Flip-Chip bonders used in clean rooms around the world, SET is a recognized international leader in its market. This French company founded in 1975, has the distinction of being employee owned since 2012.