The ACCμRA M is a manual Flip-Chip Bonder that permits to reach ± 3 μm post-bond accuracy.

The only motorized axis is the arm, which controls precisely the bonding force.
Combining and synchronizing the arm with the temperature controller, it guarantees a perfect quality and high repeatability of your process.

The ACCμRA M, more than a pick-and-place system, offers thermocompression and reflow capabilities.

It is the perfect equipment for universities and R&D institutes.



Key benefits

  • ± 3 μm post-bond accuracy
  • Small footprint
  • Manual machine
  • Easy to use
  • Open platform
  • R&D oriented

Process capabilities

  • Thermocompression
  • Reflow
  • UV Curing
  • Au, Au/Sn, In, Cu


Technical data

Click here to request the ACCµRA M datasheet.