Technical papers

Towards 5μm interconnection pitch with Die-to-Wafer direct hybrid bonding

Die to Wafer Direct Hybrid Bonding Demonstration with High Alignment Accuracy and Electrical Yields

Opto-electronics flip-chip bonding automation and in-situ quality monitoring

Die-to-Wafer Direct Bonding for Production Environment with a New Flip-Chip Bonder

New Flip-Chip Bonder dedicated to Direct Bonding for Production Environment

Quantum Computing

Results of the 2015 testbeam of 180 nm AMS High-Voltage CMOS sensor prototype

Evaluation of Sn-based Microbumping Technology for Hybrid IR Detectors, 10µm Pitch to 5µm Pitch

Interconnect and bonding techniques for pixelated X-ray and gamma-ray detectors

Die Attach Bonding using High-frequency Ultrasonic Energy for High-temperature application